Offset Your Costs with Solar Rebates and Incentives

Solar energy is environmentally friendly, free and almost inexhaustible. That’s why federal, local and state governments have tax credits and solar rebates for families that install residential solar systems. The incentives can substantially offset the cost of purchasing and installing a solar energy system in Marshalltown. For more information, read about the current solar rebates and incentives below or call B & G HVAC at 641-323-1210.

Government Tax Credits

  • Federal HVAC Credit (25C) – $300 tax credit is currently given on solar heat pumps or air conditioners, the central part of the SunSource® Home Energy System.
  • Federal Solar Credit (25D) – covers 30% of the cost and installation, with no cost limit, of SunSource solar modules. Additionally, the credit will cover 9% of the total cost of solar-ready products.

State and Local Incentives

  • Other incentives may be offered by Marshalltown’s local and state governments, as well as utility companies. Call us at 641-323-1210 to discover more.
  • Find other incentives that you qualify for at or

Contact a tax professional in Marshall County for additional details on all federal, state and local tax credits.